Shanghai Pinghe School



Our School Libraries

The total floor area of Pinghe School libraries is 748 square meters, with a multifunctional reading room, an English library and a comprehensive library for students above Grade 9. Our diverse collection consists of more than 67,000 books and 130 newspapers. The libraries can seat a capacity of 260 students. In recent years, a "virtual library" has been set up, which expands and enriches the collection of books. Furthermore, this can encourage students to read E-books and satisfy the demands of both teachers and students.

The reading room is open nine hours a day, and the library for nine and a half hours a day, which can ensure the accommodation of both students’ and teachers’ needs of reading and searching for information. By different means, school libraries offer and recommend excellent reading resources to students on a regular basis, providing reading guidance and sparking students’ reading interest. After that, activities are organized to introduce new books, and book reviews are provided regularly.These activities aim to lead students to read the right books in the right way. At the beginning of each semester, lectures will be given to address several specific topics in order to educate the newcomers about the basic knowledge of how to use the library and how to read, to help them cultivate rewarding and scientific reading habits, and to improve their reading outcomes.