Shanghai Pinghe School



Our School Uniforms

With invoices of their uniform fees, which are paid at the Finance Office, newcomers can collect their school uniforms in the clothing warehouse in the Life Department. Students can also ask their dorm teachers to help collect uniforms for them. Uniforms can be tailored for students with special body figures and are available for sale every semester.

The opening hours of the clothing warehouse of Life Department is from 8:00A.M. to 4:00P.M. Older students or parents can buy new uniforms in cash or have their new uniforms tailor made. Also, students can ask dorm teachers to purchase their uniforms on their behalf.                  

Life Department supplies uniform laundry services, usually once a week in spring, summer and winter. Short-sleeve sportswear is washed every day. Students with special requests could consult their dorm teachers, so that Life Department can fulfil special needs. Due to limited facilities in our school, students above Grade 1 should take their sportswear home and wash it weekly. The sportswear of G1 students can be washed at school.Students above Grade 9 should do the washing themselves.                

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