Shanghai Pinghe School



IBDP Program

University Matriculation

This department has been quite successful in student admission and acceptance.  Recently, one hundred percent of the Class of 2013 matriculated to their first choice college or university. The IBDP - SPS (Shanghai Pinghe School) high school tries to limit student applications to ensure each application is intended.  From 2006 to 2013, SPS graduates have matriculated to the following universities in Australia, Canada, the United States of America, The United Kingdom and other countries or areas listed below.

The United States of America

American University

Arizona State University 

Bard College 

Barnard College

Boston College 

Boston University 

Brandeis University 

Bryn Mawr College 

Case Western Reserve University 

Claremont Mckenna College 

Columbia University 

Colby College 

Cornell University 

Depauw University 

Franklin and Marshall College 

George Washington University 

Hamilton College 

Haverford College 

Indiana University-Bloomington 

Lehigh University 

Macalester College 

Miami University-Oxford 

Middlebury College 

New York University 

Northeastern University 

Northwestern University 

Ohio State University-Columbus 

Pennsylvania State University 

Purdue University-West Lafayette 

School of the Art Institute of Chicago 

Smith College 

Stanford University 



SUNY-Stony Brook 

Syracuse University 

The New School-Parsons for Design 

Tufts University

University of California-Berkeley 

University of California-Davis 

University of California-Irvine 

University of California-Los Angles 

University of California-San Diego 

University of California-Santa Barbara 

University of Chicago 

University of Colorado-Boulder 

University of Connecticut 

University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign 

University of Maryland-College Park 

University of Massachusetts-Amherst 

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 

University of Oregon 

University of Pittsburgh 

University of Rochester 

University of Southern California 

University of Texas-Austin 

University of Washington-Seattle 

University of Wisconsin-Madison 

Virginia Tech 

Wake Forest University 

Washington University in St. Louis 

Wesleyan University 


McGill University 

Queen’s University 

Simon Fraser University 

University of Alberta 

University of British Columbia 

University of Toronto 

University of Waterloo 

University of West Ontario 

University of York

The United Kingdom 

The Imperial College 

University of Bath 

University College London 

University of Cardiff 

University of Edinburgh 

University of Exeter 

University of Hull 

University of Lancaster 

University of Loughborough

University of Leeds 

University of Newcastle 

University of Sheffield 

University of St. Andrews 

Warwick University


Australia National University 

University of Melbourne 

University of Sydney


EcoleHoteliere de Lausanne 


Hong Kong University 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 

(Hong Kong) 

University of Tokyo 

Waseda University