Shanghai Pinghe School


Mission Statement            
Our Mission 


School Motto            

School Culture            

Educational Principles            


  Educational Goal            
  Seven Traits of Pinghe Students            

To cultivate students who are Successful learners and qualified world citizens rooted in Chinese traditional culture.                

We strive to serve the needs of students’ life-long learning. We aim to cultivate well-rounded modern citizens characterized by global mindedness, self-discipline, solid and broad foundational knowledge and skills, sound mind and body, good moral character, individuality, creativity and specialty.  

Healthy and Upbeat - sound mind and body featuring an outgoing personality 

Polite and Benevolent - passing on the essence of traditional Chinese culture   


Resolute and Innovative - having clear aspirations for the future and desire to innovate            

Independent and Confident - responsibility and independent learning capabilities            


Magnanimous and Open-minded - tolerant, cooperative and having international awareness            


Knowledgeable and Reflective - attentive to life experience, informed and resourceful            

Studious and Versatile - striving to become better by challenging oneself, aiming to be a distinctive individual with unique abilities