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Elementary School

Curriculum and Teaching

Curriculum and Pedagogy

Pinghe's elementary school has a complete course framework that is characteristic of Pinghe's education philosophy, which is to facilitate students' personality development through active intellectual participation, hands-on practices and creative activities. Our management goals are to achieve a high efficiency with minimum pressure on students. We place a great importance on students' habit formation, fundamental knowledge base, basic manual skills, students’ first- hand experience, and hands-on practices. We aim to form a student-oriented course framework that is open, dynamic, and generative.  

1.Bilingual Teaching

As one of the first model schools providing bilingual teaching in Shanghai, we have a pool of excellent Chinese bilingual teachers who cover more than ten disciplines, such as Math, Science, Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education (PE), etc. Quite a few bilingual teachers of our school enjoy a reputation for frequently engaging in bilingual seminars and activities held by the national and local educational institutes. Many of those teachers’ teaching plans are kept as case studies for bilingual teaching at municipal and local district levels.

2.Native Language Teaching

Our elementary school adopts newly-reformed textbooks that enhance students’ overall abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, we use a computer-aided program to help our grade one students learn and recognize approximately 600 to 1,000 Chinese characters during the first two months with help of Pinyin, which lays a solid foundation for their future reading skill development.

3.English Language Teaching

We have imported Longman English as our core textbook with Oxford Storyland Readers as a supplemental reading resource. In addition, we have native English speakers involved in the teaching process. With an emphasis on creating a relaxing environment for learning languages, we aim to mould students to excel at communication and study habits. We hold various forms of English activities each semester, such as English singing contests, plays, presentations, etc. We strive to develop their abilities in the four aspects by encouraging students to increase their word power and to enhance memorisation through active involvement in these activities.

4.Enrichment Courses

(1) IT experimental lessons and thesis research course

(2) Creative model-making lessons (using Lego products)

(3) Swimming lessons (one or two lessons per week)

(4) Personality development lessons

(5) Critical Thinking, Training lessons in various subject disciplines.


The school has set up more than 100 electives for its student body to choose from, ranging from instrument sessions provided by Shanghai Symphony Orchestra to Taekwondo Club. 

6.Hands-on Experience Activities

There are various creative hands-on experiences at Pinghe. They are exchange programs between international schools, overseas winter and summer camps, visiting multinationals, charity auctions, concerts, watching childrens’ plays, English corner, campus art festival, sports day, etc.