Shanghai Pinghe School



Elementary School

Standard Life Management

Boarding students stay on campus from Day One in Grade 1. Life supervisors and life homeroom teachers are responsible for the students’ daily lives. They provide students with guidance on self-management and behaviour. At the same time, we set up compulsory life courses to mould ‘six can-do attitudes’ into our students.

They are: 

1.Learn to be a good person: learning to be a global citizen of the 21st century. 

2.Learn how to learn: encouraging study for pleasure by evoloving to be self-motivated students that are capable of exploratory studies.

3.Learn to live a life: learning self-management; forming good habits; and having a good taste in life.

4.Learn to keep fit: learning to be balanced, both psychologically and physically healthy modern citizens.

5.Learn to work: taking care of things by oneself; taking part in social and public activities.

6.Learn to be creative: and having the courage to put theory into practice.