Shanghai Pinghe School



Middle School

Philosophy of Management

 (1)  Place an emphasis on fundamental education. The school has a pool experienced teachers to check on every subject discipline. Results have been always ranked in the top in Pudong examinations in various subjects from Grade 6 through Grade 9. We believe in ‘Minimum workload and high efficiency’ for students. Teachers pay close attention to student’s studying method in teaching process.  The school elects ‘Studying Star’ in terms of school, grade and class level every year. At the same time, through assessing each student’s performance, the school aims to raise students’ learning abilities.

 (2)  Enhance English Teaching. There are 30 to 35 students per classroom. It divides into two small classes in English lessons. Each small class is taught by one English teacher so that students have more opportunities to practice their English. In addition, Science, PE, Physics, Chemistry, Math, Geography, Visual Arts, Music are taught in both Chinese and English languages. Bilingual teaching is also one of the characteristics of our school.

 (3)  Place an emphasis on moral education. Moral education is at the core of many school projects. Moral education penetrates daily teaching activities. The junior-high school organises many moral educational activities such as social hands-on experience, public welfare, visiting and giving performances. These activities have drawn moral education close to students and are therefore more effective. The school has formulated a strict and complete set of rules and regulations in order to educate our student’s good manner. 

 (4) Place an emphasis on fostering student’s abilities. The school sets up many electives and enrichment courses for students to choose from. They give student’s hobbies and specialities room to develop. Students can develop their abilities through self-organised activities. In addition to English activities, debate competition is also one of characteristics of our school. Every grade in the junior-high school organises debate competitions between classes every semester. The school was once invited to form its debating team to participate in grammar schools’ debate competition and achieved Third Place. Student’s abilities are developed through these extracurricular activities. Most of the Grade 9 students act as class monitors or other responsible positions in high schools.

(5)  Create an equal (between teachers and students) and harmonious educational atmosphere. We encourage teachers to respect and care for every student. Homeroom teachers, subject teachers and life teachers all care deeply about their students. We place an emphasis on ‘all is equal before truth’. Students are very imaginative and yet respectful. They respect teachers. The relationship between teachers and students are harmonious.