Shanghai Pinghe School



Middle School

Teaching Faculty

The Middle school has an excellent team of teaching staff; a reasonable age structure of all of the teachers; advanced philosophy of education; a strong academic atmosphere; strong teaching abilities; and active participation in academic research. They not only publish academic articles in academic magazines at both national and local levels, but, they also participate in school-based magazines Case Studies, Pinghe’s View and Teacher’s Forum, etc. In recent years, our teachers have received first, second and third places in various awards such as the Guidance Awards in National Olympics Prose Competition; Shanghai English Teacher’s Presentation and Declaiming; Shanghai Young Teacher’s Math Competition Award and the Pudong Math Competition Award. Additional awards received were, the Pudong’s ‘Young Professional’, ‘Young Pace-setter’ and ‘Young English Ambassador’ awards; 

Further, third place was received in Pudong’s PHSE (Personal Health and Social Education) Teaching Award; Second Place in Shanghai Multimedia Lesson Plan as well as awards in Shanghai advanced moral education.  A harmonious stable team of teaching staff are vested at Pinghe whereas new teachers can be easily integrated into the team. All teachers are able to undertake work alone or in isolation, while giving help to each other and working closely together as a team for the purpose of creating a quality educational environment.